The notion that science and spirituality are somehow mutually exclusive does a disservice to both. Carl Sagan (via wordsnquotes)

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the most exciting thing about getting into minimalism is the sORTING OUT OMG.

i am getting rid of so much crap that i’ve kept since i was about 14- it feels so good to let go of the person I was then.

i don’t want to go all the way and end up living with just a t shirt, jeans and a toothbrush, but i’d like to end up with only things that i use all the time.

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sometimes i think about people i used to be close to and wonder how their life is going. i think i should contact them in some way but them my mind reminds me that i have left it so long since our last contact and that makes me feel bad and scared to re-contact them. so instead i look on here, or facebook or whatever and even though i know on the whole it doesn’t really paint the whole picture sometimes it’s just nice to see them happy in a photo or something.

sorry for the overuse of the word contact in the middle there..

i get this every time i’m home from uni :S

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Just before a shark breaks the surface tension of the water

what a cutie

PCT Appendix - Campsites by retro traveler on Flickr.
I wish I could learn how to draw; it would make my journals much more beautiful…